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Hey There Ladies and Gentlemen!

Welcome to our youth blog page! This will be an area where you can check in for a quick devotion and respond using the comments in the section.

We’ll start this blog off with a quick look at an old familiar passage.  If you look in 1 Samuel 17, you’ll find the story of David fighting Goliath.  Some of you may have heard this story a thousand times and, some of you reading this may get to read it for the first time.  Whatever the case may be, upon the beginning of the chapter, we meet Goliath.  Goliath is a big man.  He stands out in a crowd and no one would ever want to pick on him– not only because he’s big– but also because he is well protected.  Goliath wears heavy armor and carries heavy armor, and because he’s afraid of getting bumped or bruised while on the battle field, he has a man walk in front of him with more armor.

If you skip down to verse 12, you get to meet David.  He was a younger and smaller man than Goliath.  He tended his father, Jesse’s, flocks.  David was the youngest of his brothers who were at the battle field with King Saul, following his command.  While they were “fighting” on the front lines, David was instructed by his father to take some food out to his brothers on the battle field.

Skipping forward a few more verses, we find David in conversation with the king.  He has become curious after seeing Goliath and wants to know who will stand up to the cowardly giant.  Saul at first says, “No, little boy! You’re just a little boy and he’s been a soldier since he was a baby!”  Scary baby!  Okay, maybe that wasn’t the exact wording but that may have been how David interpreted it.  His reply to that was simply, “I watch over my father’s sheep and when a lion or a bear come to take my sheep, I hunt it down and take my sheep back!  You don’t mess with my sheep!  And that is what will happen to Goliath!”

That being said, Saul says “Okay, little boy” and gives him his, the king’s, armor to wear.  Because David is a boy, that doesn’t work. So he goes up to Goliath in casual slacks and a Star Wars t-shirt.  Maybe not.  But he went into the battle field unprotected.

Try to picture this!  On one hill, we have this huge guy wearing loads of armor and, he probably looks pretty terrifying!  On the other hill, we have David, the little boy who works with lambs all day.  The competition is intense.  To make matters worse, Goliath is carrying actual weapons and David, who is only carrying 5 stones which he found in the river.  David is vulnerable.  Goliath is well suited for battle.

Just like any other great story, the underdog wins!  David uses his huge faith in God and a small smooth stone to kill the giant.  David’s faith wasn’t small and, it allowed him to do huge things.  School is about to start back up shortly and, for many of us, there will be giants waiting for us when we get there.  Whether it is a certain teacher or a difficult subject, there is a normal pattern of anxiety that occurs at the beginning of a school year.  What are some of the giants you are getting ready to face?  David became vulnerable to the point of death so that God could use him.  With God by your side, those giants at school will fall, some quickly, others not.  May God give you the courage you need as you go into the new school year!

Jenny Drennon

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